How do I update a Snippet?

In version 1.2.5 Updating and Synching is very smooth with Snippet Profiles 

To update a Snippet: 

  1. Signup for a Snippet Profile (Learn to Signup for a Snippet profile)
  2. Follow the prompt to synch your device
  3. Any Snippets needing updating will have an orange "Update/Refresh" icon
  4. Touch the icon to update the Snippet

If the Snippet does not Update try:

  1. Go to your Snippet Library 
  2. Swipe on the Snippet you want to update
  3. Delete the snippet by touching the Trash Icon
  4. Go to the Snippet Store and Back to You Snippet Library to restart a Synch 
  5. You will see the Snippet you want to update appear 
  6. Touch it to download the most current version

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